The museum at the former inner German border is a magnet for visitors since the 03. October 1991. The border fortifications of the GDR are available for a distance of more than 1 km and are still in its original form.

The 3.20 m high metal mesh fence, forensics strip patroll way for vehicles give an impression of a border, which was directed against its own people. The exhibition buildings were built over the years around the still present observation tower BT-9. In the exhibition buildings we show the Agreement of Wanfried, the establishment and expansion of the border and the escape attempt of Heinz-Josef Große.

In a large outdoor area, military technology from the East and the West is shown.

Schifflersgrund was the first German Border Museum in Germany.
If was opened after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The „Arbeitskreis Grenz-information e.V.“, had collected military vehic-les and helicopters which were patroling and flying along the in-ner German border.

The focus of our exhibition are:

  • The „Agreement of Wanfried“
  • Original border barriers
  • Documentation on the structure and de-velopment of the inner German border
  • Heinz-Josef Große – escape attempt
  • The shots on Wahlshausen
  • Military Equipment from East and West on the former border
  • Documentary about the border crossing Bardo/Herleshausen near Eisenach
  • The Green Belt